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Professional and Experienced

We are professional videographers who love our craft. Since 2000, we've been providing top-notch boutique videography services throughout California with a focus on the Central Valley.
We've shot more than 150 weddings over the last few decades, and we're proud of our impeccable 5-star ratings and reviews.

Sure, we've won some awards, but our true reward is providing you and your family with an amazing heirloom.

4K Video Quality

High-Resolution 4K HDR

This is much more detailed than anything you're likely to have seen before. You've probably already noticed the jump from pre-digital 'standard definition' television up to 'HD' and 'Full HD' services that are now available on digital TV, online streaming and Blu-Ray discs. Compared to earlier standards, this HD footage is detailed, crisp and it even looks good when viewed on a large TV. But even the best quality, '1080p' HD footage is only 1920 pixels across. 4K is significantly more detailed, since it has twice as many pixels horizontally, and four times as many pixels in total.

Video Coverage

We strive to capture your wedding day from a variety of angles and in a variety of captivating, emotional, and powerful ways.

Our coverage includes:
5-6 Camera coverage in 4K UHD
Up to 3 cameramen for the duration of your coverage
Coverage begins no later than one hour prior to your ceremony start time.
Fully edited, cinematic style video available in pristine 4K HDR

Audio & Sound

We don't stop at providing amazing video coverage, we also focus on providing the best sound coverage.

Our audio coverage includes:
Broadcast-quality lapel microphones for the Officiant and Groom
DJ audio captured when available
Supplemental audio from the venue
Professionally mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound for a truly imersive experience


We're a boutique wedding videography company focusing on between 4-6 weddings each calendar year. We aren't a factory, and your overall experience will reflect that.

No two videos are the same.
You select your music, and we edit to your musical selections
Your project includes personlized and custom cases, DVD covers, graphics, and more.

Web Hosting

Do you have family or friends that missed the wedding and you want to share your videos with them? Or you want to share on your social media your amazing highlight reel?
We can make that happen with web hosting for up to 6 months
Personalized sharing page
Personalized YouTube links